Social Networks and Cultural Consonance

Individuals often have themselves and their behaviors affected by those around them, whether they be physically nearby, or otherwise close such as through social networking sites like Facebook.

Most would agree that the constant presence of friends and acquaintances through online media will in some way have a considerable influence on their lives, but many would not consider how social media impacts their mental stability.  In researching cognitive theory, Bill Dressler, a professor at the University of Alabama created the theory of cultural consonance which is a method for understanding how a person’s cultural and social involvement can greatly impact their overall mental and physical health.  This research has been further expanded to look into groups as a whole that use social networking to a great extent and shows that those more interconnected share more consonant goals, lifestyles, and health expectations.

The studies also showed a correlation between decreased blood pressure, perceived stress, and depression, though more research will be required for any definite claims to be made.  The information gathered in this study may be applied in other areas to promote the usage of such things as social media sites in order to possibly improve mental well being among targeted groups.”

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3 thoughts on “Social Networks and Cultural Consonance”

  1. This is an interesting concept that has a different perspective on how social media can affect people. Most arguments about social media influences usually focus on the negative aspects of what social media does to alienate in making us together in loneliness and isolation. Talking in real life and typing in chat brings out different personalities of people and some even feel more comfortable talking in chat showing their true feelings.


  2. It has always been acclaimed that social media have negative effects on people, however this article talks about the positive influences on people through new media and It was refreshing to read about it. Although social media improves individuals mental healths, I believe there is a negative impact to the community and society as a whole. As a example, in Japan there are people who are categorized as NEET that stays in their houses and shuts connection from the real world by putting themselves in digital world. We have to find a way to coexist with social media and not be too reliable to it.


  3. Most people say that we are in a technological age, and social media is very prevalent. Social media has become an international phenomenon that allows people to connect, interact and even meet. Social media has become a platform of many opportunities. However, social media does have negative aspects to it, such as cyber bullying, a false sense of connection, and lack of privacy. Once you put something on the internet it will permanently be on there, even if you delete it.


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