STOP Biting Your Nails

Communication comes in many forms including body language. Nail biting is a bad habit that tends to give off negative body language often associated with nerves. It is also a very difficult habit to break, and if you bite your nails you know what I am talking about. You always seem to be doing it which is bad on a multitude of levels. For instance it makes you more prone to illness ass well as increases the chance of infection in your fingers, and it does not look nice having bitten down nails. One could constantly wear a finger guard in order to prevent this, but this might interfere with ones social agenda.


Unfortunately if you are not into wearing the finger guard its all about mental toughness and the commitment to quit. To do this one must be fully aware of what the triggers are to biting his or her nails. The next step is just knowing that your resistance and perseverance is doing good for the long run. Yes things can be put on your hands in order for one to stop biting, but the real test is the commitment one has to has in order to stop biting their nails because it could potentially affect ones future. No one wants to see infected fingers at a job interview thats just not hygienic. So if you bite your nails stop! Communications comes in a variety of different forms one of the most important one being body language. Biting one’s nails gives off a negative impression displaying stress and a bad habit. This post was created in order to make those aware of the different forms of communication such as body language and how something as biting ones nails can leave a negative impression.


One thought on “STOP Biting Your Nails”

  1. I agree that biting your nails is very bad for you and can cause some health problems for you in the future. I have always had a problem with biting my nails. I do it whenever I’m stressed, bored, or just to calm down. So I basically do it all the time, but in the past year or so I have been cutting down. I have grown out a couple nails and have been biting my nails less and less. I realized that all I have to do is focus on other things to keep my mind busy or just play with something in my hand so I’m not tempted to bite my nails.
    I know from my Psychology course that there are techniques to follow to stop biting my nails. What does anthropology have to contribute to this topic? Is nail biting a universal human trait that we would find in every society? Or is it cultural? In our society is recognized as something people do as a habit that is tied to nerves. Is that a biological truth or a cultural understanding? It would be really interesting to study what people do with the same amount of stress and nerves in different countries. Is nail biting something that you learn from people around you? Are there societies in the world where people never bite their nails? Is it something people don’t do in countries where your hands are not clean all the time?


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