The Naked Selfie

kim K selfieSlut shaming, body shaming, everyone is shaming and judging a part of another person’s being. Most of the time this would make us feel terrible about ourselves though recently in the media there has been an explosion of articles and Instagram posts from many about how body shaming and slut shaming or judging someone else’s body and basing that as their personality is terribly wrong and hurtful. Kim Kardashian recently put up a naked selfie of herself for the world to see. There was a lot of criticism of her naked selfie before the Kardashian mom of two and wife of Kanye shut down her haters. Celebrities such as Chloe Grace Moretz tweeted, “@KimKardashian I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than-” this is where the debate over what is okay to post and not okay regarding the naked selfie. The comparison between men and women when posting a naked selfie is very different and there isn’t much criticism thrown at a guy compared to as when a women posts a naked selfie. Kim is showing off her body in which she is proud of and so that should be something to celebrate not shut down. What Kim wants people to know is that they should feel confident in their body and love their bodies no matter what body shape or type. She is displaying her confidence and vulnerability through the nakedness in her picture and this itself is praise worthy. liberated kim k

To post a nude selfie, for Kim K is a way of showing her confidence and liberation to the world, to show that she isn’t afraid of being vulnerable and loving her body. Against what Chloe Grace Moretz says, Kim Kardashian is actually teaching people to love their bodies no matter what size or shape, and to feel liberated by your body, not feel shameful about what you were born with.

Society is obsessed with perfection everywhere we look, even though perfection is the least realistic option in life.perfection

What celebrities like Kim Kardashian are trying to express to society is that they love their bodies, and it should inspire others to love their bodies and love who they are. It is more than just a nude selfie it is liberation, self-love, vulnerability, and confidence, things that we should praise Kim Kardashian for opening our eyes to instead of quickly slut shaming and body shaming the celeb. self love

Link to an article on BuzzFeed about Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie


3 thoughts on “The Naked Selfie”

  1. I agree that the message Kim Kardashian is trying to convey a positive message but I think it also unintentionally supports the body standards that women are faced with in society. I recently read another blog post that talked about waist trainers and how it has become a new trend even though it is harmful. Kim Kardashian uses a waist trainer which in my opinion, does not seem to me like she loves her body. Not only that, but she has undergone plastic surgery and a botox to achieve her look. I’m not saying that it is a bad thing that she has had plastic surgery or has used a waist trainer in order to achieve her body goals, but what she does definitely supports certain body standards. So I think the photo would inspire people to change their bodies to fit a “Kim Kardashian body standard” rather than inspire people to love their bodies no matter what shape or size. Because if Kim Kardashian loved her body no matter what shape or size, she wouldn’t use a waist trainer which is harmful.


  2. I like what you are saying in this post about how Kim Kardashian is actually setting a good example for girls contrary to what a lot people think about her. I feel as though women and men should be able to express themselves and show off their body as much or as little as they please. We as women, especially, should be proud of who we are no matter what shape or size we are. I personally think that Kim K got as much criticism that she received for this post because of who the world has perceived her to be. Everyone says the only reason she is famous is because of her sex tape that was leaked onto the internet years ago. Her fame has been focused on her body from day one so I feel as though people criticize her for it more than most other celebrities.


  3. I agree with many of the topics you address in this post such as the difference in public perception of nude posts from males to females and that women should be proud to post revealing images of their body despite the criticism. Posts like this really do inspire many people especially women to embrace their body type especially since Kim is a mother in her thirties. However, I think you overestimate the message Kim was trying to express in this post. Her caption on the post stated “when you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”. To me, that isn’t a very empowering message to women. Considering Kim’s previous history with unnatural fashion such as the waist trainers and plastic surgery this post was hardly a pro body empowerment post, perhaps even the opposite.


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