Valentines day

Valentines Day is a holiday either loved or hated by everyone. It has its place in society as either a romantic day for couples, or, as stated very often on tv shows, “a made up holiday created by the greeting card company”. As soon as Christmas over stores pull out the trees and put in red hearts and advertise everything that you might need for your special someone. Shelves are lined with heart shaped gifts, flowers and candy. It is clear that many stores will advertise very heavily for the holiday. Many people also do not know any origins of how the holiday came to be. People hear what is normal to do to celebrate the holiday and go along with that. So though it seems to be more of what many call a “made up holiday”, people do not view it negatively as it gives many the excuse to do something extra special to show appreciation to a significant other, or loved ones in their life. This is what most closely resembles the accepted positive ideology of the holiday. I find it to be one of the most unique holidays in society just because of the fairly even divide of people who accept and think positively of it and those who dislike.  But every year it still comes and is still celebrated or rejected by everyone.


One thought on “Valentines day”

  1. I find Valentine’s Day to be one of the most unique holiday as well. The marketing strategies from many business establishments definitely crafted a aura over it, and turn it into a holiday that everyone should find a way to celebrate whether you are taken or single. I personally enjoy celebrating holidays, but I am not strict about them either. To me, Holidays should perform as a reminder that don’t forget to show your appreciations toward the important ones in my life. Because Holiday shouldn’t be the only day that triggers you to do something special for the significant others, or loved ones in your life. Adding the artificial gift giving phenomenon, many people chose not to celebrate holiday. Youtuber Mimi Ikonn said she don’t do gifts during holidays because see people rushing from stores to stores trying to get something for someone, and “people are giving gifts for the sake of giving.”


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