Why can’t I be different?

To be a part of a small fraction of the popular opinion is very arduous and requires quite the strength of will from those select individuals. Such one are those who at a young age do not conform to the gender standards of their surroundings. These voices often were very quiet, keeping to themselves and allowing only the occasional yelp if necessary. These children were often the ones in the corner of the room, and minded their own business as they themselves did not fit in with the personalities of the other kids. As an example, Alex did similar things in class. His activities ranged from feminine events such as “wearing dresses, paints his fingernails, and plays with dolls” to masculine activities such as ” ramming his cars together and pretending to be Spider-man”.amazing-spider-man-2

Nonetheless, his parents were asking inquiries and attained a cautionary stance to this new level of oddity. When Alex was 4, he continued this behavior.The general scientific conclusion still remains inconclusive for these young children’s decisions. But let’s not forget, that Alex, the 4 year old son of Robert and Susan in the article, will remain his ways. And this is perfectly acceptable, as Alex himself desires to behave how he chooses. Susan and Rob tried to help, but having doctors and psychologists help and facilitate the process, Alex remained unfazed in his decision.

Rob and Susan, I think to my identity-fraud1-new_20120519075618knowledge did the right decision in the end. They let Alex run his course, watching over him just in case anything bad happens, but not interfering with his identity. To mess with identity is not a way for parents to control their child. They should let Alex discover the world himself, or, in the future that we do not know, herself. If Alex wishes to wear dress and play with feminine toys, then he should have the freedom to do so. If he fancies to wrestle with his friends, then let him. Just make sure that the causes don’t pertain to an unnecessary effect that is undesirable for both parties. At an anthropological view, it is be harmless that a child should be exploring new structures, ideas, and terrain. It also pertains to the identity of all children in the world, where some are still quiet and in some cases, pushed around for not conforming to the identity that society implemented. Those children should instead embrace their different and unique attributes, without any fear or restriction.

Alex doesn’t know what he is, stating that he is a “boy and a girl”. This certainly raised a few eyebrows in the class, family, and his friends. But still, even going through a rough time to find himself, he still wakes up the next day to school in his dress and the confidence unparalleled to others.


Identity picture source: http://rechargefellowship.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/identity-fraud1-new_20120519075618.jpg

Spider-Man source: https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/amazing-spider-man-2.jpg

Source of article: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/12/magazine/whats-so-bad-about-a-boy-who-wants-to-wear-a-dress.html?_r=0


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