Wills as a form of giving

The last will and testament is a document that dictates who will inherit your estate, how your debts will be taken care of, lastly it names a guardian for any children as a precautionary measure(Last Will and Testament). My high school had a complicated system and a strong tradition of giving wills. Typically these were objects of importance, but occasionally they were completely random. This was not limited to senior students passing things down to freshman. Any junior or senior to start a will, and the time period of giving and receiving changed in each case. Some wills were senior-freshman, others senior-sophmore, and juniors would also give wills to freshman or sophomores.Some wills had titles such as “craziest freshman” or “most likely to sleep through class”. The ultimate will was the gift of a graduating senior to a junior of the class ring. This signified the transition as the senior graduated the next morning and the junior took their spot ready to lead the school in their senior year. Wills could also be exclusive to one club or sports team, for example I started a will at the end of my senior year that could only be passed down through the cross country team.

To me this is a fascinating form of gift giving because it is continual, but you do not feel the need to repay person. The receiver of the will can only promise to continue the tradition. Not every person had my school received or gave a will with the exception of the rings. I consider this to be a form of gift giving because the giver gives, the recipient receives. Then the will is passed on to the next person and the cycle repeats itself over generations creating and adding to the school’s history.

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