Religious Groups Across The Country Are Praying For Abortion Rights

What do you think about abortions? Do you think it is wrong to take away an innocent life before it is born? What about rape victims, does that make it ok to abort though?

Each state has their own set of laws and regulations regarding abortions. For example, in Massachusetts abortions can be done until the pregnancy is 24 weeks along; women under 18 need permission from one of the parents to get an abortion or ask a judge at the Massachusetts Superior Court for permission to have an abortion; doctors can only abort if the woman gives her consent, before giving consent the doctor will give her alternatives to to abortion, effects after the abortion etc.

People across America are praying to protect women’s right to safe, legal abortion services and Rev. Dr. Debra W. Haffner (President of the Religious Institute)is trying to clear the misconception about religious people not supporting abortions.


4 thoughts on “Religious Groups Across The Country Are Praying For Abortion Rights”

  1. Abortion is a very controversial topic. As someone who isn’t thinks having an abortion is something very serious. I wouldn’t shame an individual who has one. Yet, I would wonder why they had one. For individuals who have one because they were raped I believe that they should be allowed to have it. However, for individuals who consented to sex, I think/ strongly believe that they shouldn’t be allowed to. Yet, its one body they should be allowed to what they please. The thing with absorptions is that we have some who will say no, some say depending on the situation, and other no you cant. Ones thought can be influenced by many things ranging from parental believe to personal/ societies. They thing is I wonder which would have a greater influence or if one really doesn’t.


    1. Although abortion is controversial, it should be a no brainer that any woman should be able to access an abortion if they want to or need to. I’m not saying that everyone needs to have an abortion, I’m saying that every woman should have the right to choose. If you don’t believe in abortion, great, that is fine and I respect your beliefs. If you do believe in abortion and you have one, great, that is fine and I respect your decision. There is a misconception here that most women who receive abortions are careless young women who aren’t being cautious when it comes to their sex life. However, most women who receive abortions are women who already have children who cannot have any more, whether it be because of financial stability, emotional stability, physical stability, etc. Also, a huge percentage of religious women believe in abortions, have abortions, and use multiple forms of contraception despite it “going against their religion.” Despite it being controversial, I don’t see what is so unclear when it comes to women having the right to receive abortions. Each women should have agency over their bodies and should be able to make decisions about their reproductive health, whether that be having a child, using contraception, having an abortion, or anything else.


  2. I am 100% pro abortion. Though it is a sensitive topic of discussion, what gives anyone the right to choose what someone else can and can not do? Yes, laws are put in place to help protect us, but the law is also preventing people from doing things that do not need to be controlled. For example, why are there laws against gay-marriage? A gay couple is not doing any harm to society or anyone for that matter, so why discriminate them? I feel like as society continues to transform we are getting more and more stingiest about how our society functions. But, why? Why can’t everyone just live they want to. When I think of restrictions, I think of how it promotes rebellion. I believe there is a fine line between restriction and freedom, and for some things a law is required like abuse and violence, while for other things it should not be controllable like who you want to marry or what you do to your body. As our society is becoming more confident in speaking their mind, every single thing is becoming a major topic of discussion and people’s opinions are flying back and forth. Rather than focusing energy towards discussing topics that are personal, energy should be spent towards more critical issues like world hunger and peace. Who cares what anyone else is doing and just worry about yourself and be the best person you can be. If someone does not want a pregnancy she should have the right to abort it. Can you imagine being forced to have a baby that you have no desire for? If you already have those feelings before giving birth, what is life going to be like when you do? It is not fair to control what someone else does with their body and abortion should be a universal option accessible to anyone.


  3. I feel, even being it to supporting the right of abortion, that it is the wrong choice to make regardless. Just because it is an option for you to take, doesn’t mean you should take it. I support smarter sex education and overall people must be more rational, we don’t need a bunch of irrational people raising impressionable children. I say to the pro-lifers and pro-choicers, think of it as taking the test, you have every right to not study for the test, and every right to select the wrong answers, but should you?


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