A Search for Home

For thousands of years human beings were migrating from region to region in search of food, shelter and water. However, recent immigration is not just about simple necessities anymore but mainly for job opportunities, school, saftey and overall a search for better life. In the United States, the recent immigration wave consist of mainly Mexicans and people from Latin American. There has been lot of talk about immigration reform especially this past year. For example, we have politicians like Trump spewing anti-immigration rhetoric. Besides that, immigration can be complex depending on where people are geographically.

Personally, I am a first generation immigrant and most of my family members are either in America or still immigrating to other parts in the world.For much of my life, I have been a nomad. Home for me was traveling from region to region across the country as my family searched for a better future. As refugees of the Somali civil war, my parents’ opportunity for a new life was always directed towards creating the best future for their children and community. Moving from Ethiopia, Georgia, Maine, and now to Massachusetts, my understanding of what a community was became relative; constantly changing as we continued to find more communities of Somalis who were welcoming and hospitable despite their struggles of trying to make it in America. 

As I mentioned before the process of immigration is can be complex and sometimes even scary. My parent’s were classified as refugees when they came to America. Most people sometimes confuse or use the terms migrant and refugee interchangeably, however, it’s crucial to differentiate the between the two. A refugee is a person who has fled his or her country to escape war or persecution, and can prove it. Overall, people leave their homes for many reasons, each and every individual has their own stories to tell and personally I believe it’s a privilege to hear their stories.


One thought on “A Search for Home”

  1. I agree with what you saying, U.S immigration policies are unclear and complex because there are different reasons and purposes that cause someone to migrate from one country to the U.S. As a second generation immigrant, I could say that the reason I came to America is for education and essentially for a better life. I also agree with your statement about hearing about people’s immigration stories as a privilege. It iavery important to make the distinction between immigrant and refugee because the have differner purpose for migrating to the U.S. Overall, I enjoyed reading this blog post!


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