Back to the Bare-Naked Basics

Food fads are always popping up around the world, whether it’s purple ketchup in the US or black cheeseburgers in Japan, these fads were bound for fame, and eventual flop. One of the newest fads of the 21st century  has been “going back to the basics”.

Recently, people have been craving natural foods – those lacking pesticides or growth hormones – and farmed by families with integrity and passion.  Stripping modern foodsof their modern counter parts is hard, but for a pop-up restaurant in London, it’s their slogan.reataurant

As we discussed in class, a foodway is the production, distribution and consumption of food. The foodway at the London restaurant called The Bunyadi involves sourcing foods from sustainable farmers, serving their open-flame grilled entrees on handmade clay dishes to customers in a bare restaurant.  How bare?  The chairs are tree trunks and the consumers are naked.  There are no impurities or modernized ideas here, it’s as close as you can get to going back to the nomadic times without actually going back in time.

The Bunyadi is fighting the Green Revolution and helping create food security, whnpr logoich is the access to sufficient food to sustain an active and healthy life.  Part of fighting the Green Revolution, which is the modernization of farming, involves sourcing grass-fed beef.  As we learned in the movie King Corn, nearly all beef is now coming from cows who have a
90% corn diet.  This corn diet not only hurts the cows, leading to shorter life spans, but it also hurts consumers.  The beef consumed from corn-fed cows is nearly all fat, lacking nutrients and energy sufficient for an active lifestyle. The restaurant is also using cultural relativism by questioning social bias and body shaming.  In nearly every other restaurant in the world, shoes and a shirt are required, but here, wearing a shirt is actually frowned upon.

In a world where Target is being shamed for allowing transgendered people to use bathrooms which correspond to their personal identity, and and a presidential candidate is threatening to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of America, it’s pretty cool that you can go to The Bunyadi and sit naked while enjoying a grassfeed burger with your close friends.  Would you join the 27,000 people on the wait-list to go back to the bare-naked basics?





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