“I’m So Stressed Out!”

Why do we experience stress?  Stress is part of being alive.  We all experience it in one way or another, about varying things.  Some things stress certain people out more than others.

Why is it that we are always informing everyone of how stressed we are?  We want to share our struggles with those close to us.  We want someone that we can talk to about things, someone we can depend on to care for us.

Why has stress become almost like a contest?  Humans crave attention.  I’m sure we have all seen posts on various social media sites about how a given person is so stressed out, and how they believe that nobody else is struggling in the same way they are.  We all think that our stress is more warranted and important than that of other people.  We are of the belief that our problems are more significant and therefore more stressful that anyone else’s.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the big picture.  Everybody is struggling.  Everybody is stressed out.  Not everyone gets stressed out to the same caliber about the same things.  Sometimes we forget that other people’s struggles matter, too.


2 thoughts on ““I’m So Stressed Out!””

  1. I really liked your article and I agreed with most of your points. Maybe we deify the idea of stress just because we think that by stressing out and complaining about it, we will get people’s attention. You mentioned that stress has become almost like a contest, which I found so accurate. This morning I was complaining about the amount of work I had to do to my friend, and she, instead of advising me or making me feel better, started complaining about her amount of work and turned into a contest of who of us had the most work. However, stress is definitely real and very bad for mental and physical health, but I believe that we exaggerate about it and we use it with other interests in mind.


  2. I agree that many times people compete with their levels of stress. However, I think it depends on the types of people you surround yourself with. For example, in high school I was surrounded by people who always wanted to one up each other with just how much work they needed to get done. Honestly I only had one close friend where we would be supportive and noncompetitive towards. But since I’ve been in college, the people I surround myself with only have supportive things to say to me in times of worry or stress and vice versa. Another example of positive feedback about stress is social media. On sites like Tumblr, there are tons of memes and jokes about being stressed and the effect it has on us, but it isn’t a competition. Basically it’s a joke but it also shows that you aren’t alone in your struggles and that it isn’t going to last. Like you said, stress is inevitable and each person deals with stress differently. When it comes to interacting with others in times of stress I think it comes down to empathy. You need to have some empathy towards others when they are having a rough time instead of being egoistic and self centered all the time.


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