What Song Would You Listen To Before You Died?

Over the summer, I was watching a movie in which a character was about to die, and she asked the person with her to sing to her as she passed away. This got me thinking about how I might feel in the same situation. If I knew I was about to die but could listen to one last song before I did, what song would I choose?

I then began to ask this question to my family and friends, and they asked their families and friends, and so on. Since then, I’ve collected all my answers into a playlist here.

I think this is really interesting! There aren’t that many entries, but even with 20 or so songs, patterns start to emerge. For example, I asked each member of the family of one of my best friends, and all their choices have a very distinctive happy quality about them; they are all very bouncy, dancey songs: Walking on Sunshine, Dancing in the Moonlight, etc.. The songs chosen for this question carry some importance, by nature. These songs are the way people want to spend their last moments on earth. What might the qualities of these songs have in common? Or might they spread across a wide range of emotions?

What do you think this playlist might say about a group of people anthropologically? Do you think it would be worth analyzing this data in such a way as to look for certain patterns? If such patterns did emerge, perhaps based on gender or race, do you think they would be significant in any way?

I am also aware that the population represented in this group is very limited, with all participants living in the United States and coming from privileged families. Further, most participants are women. I would love to see this data set grow immensely in size and diversity, so I encourage everyone to participate and comment their song choice!


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