Are They Really Taking our Jobs?

When talking about immigration, in the U.S many people are against it. I myself used to think negatively about it and believed that illegal immigrants were nothing but a strain on our system. However, within the past couple of years I’ve changed my thinking. The most common argument you hear against immigration, is that they’re taking jobs from americans. But, is this really what’s happening?

As we saw in class, it just isn’t true. Many illegal immigrants take the jobs that most americans are too stuck up to do, or can’t do. These immigrants are milking cows in the middle of the night and they’re cooking our meals in tiny restaurants. They’re  the maids that clean motel rooms, and they’re the taxi drivers taking us from place to place. Kids in the U.S don’t generally grow up dreaming to have one of these jobs, and many adults won’t do them because they think of themselves as “better than that.” So why are we so against illegal immigrants working the the U.S?


On average, it costs about $12,500 to deport someone. Also, immigration offices often have quotas to meet of number of people deported. So, by deporting all these illegal immigrants, and taking them away from their jobs, it is costing the taxpayers an extreme amount of money, rather than just letting them stay and earn minimum wage, and provide for any family they may have here.

I’m not saying that we should stop all deportation or that illegal immigration is a good thing. I do believe that people should do their best to become legal, and I also think that immigrants committing crimes should be deported. However, I no longer believe that all immigrants should be forced out. It just isn’t practical. If more people realized that America has options for many people that aren’t available back in their home countries, such as medical care, and livable wages, then the $12,500 spent on deportation per person could go back to th e country in a positive way.




2 thoughts on “Are They Really Taking our Jobs?”

  1. I come from a background of immigrant parents and I am an immigrant myself. I was fortunate enough to come to the United States with legal documents. It is not as easy as one may think becoming legal can be, therefore one cannot really say “become legal”. If it was not easy a lot of the illegal immigrants would had done it long ago. ICE for example, they find out that one is not legal in the US they will hunt them down just for the numbers that they need to obtain. I have illegal friends that work their behind off but cannot obtain their papers because of the Government. Yes, they work their tails off here trying to make a living of jobs that NO Americans are willing to do… so why are Americans so opposed to immigrants coming in and keeping the system organized and functioning? If they are not willing to do the jobs that these poor immigrants are willing to do. Why the heck bother them? America it is time that you guys open your eyes and see the bigger picture about whom is helping crop and grow your foods. Take some time to deeply investigate whom is producing the items you wear or the foods you eat.


  2. I couldn’t agree more with Rosario (I hope that’s their name) that Americans need to realized how much immigrants do for us. Rather then viewing immigrants (whether they’re illegal or not) as people who only take from us, we should look deeper into it and see how much they give to us. They don’t take jobs that we want or even want for our kids, so what’s it to us if they have them? However, I think an important point that Amy made was that there are also illegal immigrants that sell drugs and steal. Those are the ones that should be deported because we have enough Americans that do that as it is. So instead of ICE worrying about people that come here simply to work and support their families, like the guy in the video we watched in class, they should focus on the ones that commit crimes or are involved with illegal activity. I’m really happy that professor Macleod had us learn so much about immigration because so many Americans are ignorant about the topic.


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