The Meaning of Earth, or Honua


As we talked about in class, nature has different meanings across different cultures. Hawaiians do not have a word for nature in their language but rather a word for “Earth,” which is Honua. Ancient Hawaiians thought of nature as the foundation of their physic world. They see nature as a part of them, as a part of their reality. Hawaiians are people that live off of the land. They like to provide for themselves rather than have all their resources imported.

Nature continuously and generously gives to the Hawaiian people to satisfy their needs and fulfill their wishes. Thats being said ancient Hawaiians say “Just as Nature gives of itself to us, we must give of ourselves back to Nature.” They believe in respecting nature in the highest regard. As an avid spectator of the show Hawaii Five-O, a show about a task force that enforces the law in Hawaii, you see that in order for some people to do certain things in Hawaii there may be something that has to be done beforehand. For example, in the show there is a crime where a man was killed and buried in the grave land of an ancient Hawaii tribe. Therefore, before the task force could come in and dig up the body of the diseased man they have to have a man that has a connection to the ancient tribe come in and ask for the spirits blessing in order to dig up the land or else they would have been bad repercussions.

Hawaiians believe that “It is in Nature that we can discover the wonder of our existence here on Earth. Nature is also where we can gain the wisdom to make responsible choices.” Hawaiians for centuries have used nature as their provider, weather it be for clothing, housing, tools or musical instruments, they got it all from plants, animals or fish. For Hawaiians nature isn’t something that is all around us, nature is where it all began for Hawaiians.




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