Earth Day

Earth Day was on Friday, April 22nd and it’s not particularly a public holiday where we need to change opening store or a time to gather around our friends or family. It’s a day where people should be aware that we need to protect this world that we all live in. Gradually over the years, there has been so many issues that has been going on nationwide. Issues such as the ice are melting, heat waves, vanishing rainforest, and many other abnormal things that are happening.We are endangering the future of our children and our children’s children.The cause of corrupt destruction of the environment is self-interest and greed. According to the book, Cultural Anthropology written by Robert Welsch he stated that, “protecting nature s a luxury and poor people cannot do it because they need to feed themselves” (199 I  agree with this statement because I believe that people view the natural world differently. Some people actually care about the environment. Others see what’s going on but, they just don’t really care or even try to make time to actually do something about it. In a way, that’s kind of sad because we all need to start paying attention to the environment and change our habits so that we could start to improve and make this world a better place again.  There are so many ways that we could make a difference  such as recycling, save electricity, save water, etc. Earth Day is a nice way to remind us about the issues that are going on but, we shouldn’t  have to depend on that ONE day to actually do something. We all need to make a difference everyday and start to focus the nation on its ecological problems. For example, throwing candy wrappers out the window, or leave their plastic cups, food, or other disposal things on the sidewalk is unacceptable because we need to use the streets and sidewalks. “We have to consider factors like elite mismanagement of resources, government policy choices, inflexible responses to change, and consumtion patterns that extract key resources and create waste.” (Welsch 107)




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