Food and Politics

We often talk about the rise of obesity in America, how we eat more process food than ever before, spend more on health care yet were the unhealthiest we have ever been. Barely do we talk about the role the government and the food industry plays in the rise of obesity in this country. No, we are not the only ones to blame for our poor eating habits. Our addiction is the result of  a corrupted dietary guideline ties to agreements with large corporations who only want to maximize their profits while keeping us in the dark  on what happens being the scene. It is the result of ignorance and the lack of education on what we put into our body, where it comes from and how it get to our local super markets.

Corporations with large financial and political resources have been able to influence the government agencies that regulate them. As a result, they have an enormous influence over our food choices and the information we receive about them which has made it easier to  instill their products into our culture and transform our way of eating in unhealthy ways. The government agencies, although in charged of regulating the food industry, are more concerned “with safeguarding corporate financial interests” than protecting the public health which should be their first priority.

Furthermore, our industrial food system has not only been successful at greatly compromising government policies, the system has almost completely removed whole plant foods from our diet, replacing them with highly processed, animal product centered diet high in salt, sugar, fat, and chemical additives.  According to the  book, Commercial Factory Food Systems, “American children now receive more than half of their calories from fat and sugar, and this has been implicated in their soaring weight problems.” Even our fruits and vegetables are not as natural and fresh as you may think due to genetic engineering, “Genetic engineering may produce larger, firmer, and redder strawberries that store and ship well and look fabulous on the supermarket shelf, but they will never taste as good as fragile vine ripened berries. Many fruits are genetically engineered as patented brand-name products that thrive on brand-name pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. ” This new way of eating have caused “an epidemic of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, ecological destruction derive from unsustainable agricultural practices and the widespread exploitation of farm and food industry workers. Government agencies, the food industry have failed us, but we must not also fail ourselves. If we don’t start talking about it, ask questions about our food, educate ourselves about our food and demand changes where it’s needed, we will continue to slowly kill ourselves daily with the “food” we eat.





2 thoughts on “Food and Politics”

  1. While I totally agree and think that as consumers we should be more curious and responsible of our choices, I understand also that we should denounce the big monster profit-maximizing corporations; I, however, think that we need to be careful not to put the blame for everything that happens on political entities. Governments are faced with impossible decisions when it comes to meeting demands of large population sizes with scare resources. With that being said, someone has to find a sustainable way (in regard to the environment) of feeding the ever-increasing populations. It is then sad that these solutions always come with great health risks. I think that we need to have an individual conscious awakening and see that the problems that we are facing are our own creation and that to be stopped we need to start at an individual level. We need a change of mindset and question every choice we make.


    1. Thank you for your comments. And I understand your point of view, but I would like to emphasize that my central point wasn’t to say that as individuals we shouldn’t take responsibility for our health issues based on the choices we make and blame everything that happens on political entities, certainly not. But, to raise awareness on a lot of the things that goes on behind the scene on how our food is made. And the part of the government, that is responsible for helping these corporations. The fact is that larger structural power have a say on what we have access to, and most people especially the lower and middle class are being set for failure before they can even make a choice because those processed unhealthy foods are the only things they can afford or even have access to in their neighborhoods.


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