How powerful are your words

Language is part of what makes us human. Linguistic anthropologists studies language, and how language is used in our everyday lives. We use language to understand the culture and many everyday aspects of life. One interesting thing about language is the distributions of language and similarities between them an addition to the complexity of some languages. Have people don’t realize the power of language. A couple of months ago someone read off Hitler’s lines and said it was Trump saying these harsh, degrading messages, and many individuals agreed to say he was right. After the crowd was going the speaker state that those lines he read were actually from Hitler and he wanted to know if people still agreed. The crowd went silent and then someone made a comment saying “no we don’t agree with it anymore we thought Trump stated that” It is interesting how powerful Trump is. As many know Trump is not fearful, he will say the first thought that will come to his mind. He will stick to what he has to say and even if others get mad. Many find that his consistency and not backing down is a great tactic to him winning. Since he says what he wants many belief that he will be great for this country and that he will do everything he says. Also, the wording of Trump works for his benefit.

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