La Cocina is helping low income food entrepreneurs in San Francisco

La Cocina is a non-profit organization that aims to aid entrepreneurs the Mission District. All La Cocina participants go through a rigorous application process, once admitted into the program they are given all of the resources needed to start their business. La Cocina focuses on woman and mainly on immigrant communities and diverse communities. As participants grow their business they can sell their food at farmer’s markets, make food for other restaurants, and eventually open their own restaurant. La Cocina gives its participants kitchen space at a discounted cost and helps them with tech assistance. They do not require that applicants provide proof of citizenship which allows the participants opportunities that they might not have had otherwise.

In addition the themes of immigration that we discussed in class, La Cocina can also help to prevent food deserts. La Cocina helps immigrants get a job and provide for their families. As we discussed in class the woman is the provider and chief earner because woman need to provide for their families. They are also less likely to spend the money that they earn on gambling or alcohol. The participants in the program are the most likely to live in or near food deserts. By creating their own sustainable business the graduates of the program can help to stop the spread of food deserts and can help to provide for their community.

About La Cocina


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