PC vs Consoles: A Never-Ending Battle for Video Game Superiority


The debate with whether a PC (personal computer) or video game console is better for the video game experience as a whole has been going on for years.  Even before the market-changing Xbox 360 was released in 2005, many have debated if PC or consoles are better.  With the debate going on up until today, many people have started to band together to debate with the other side.  In my previous post, I spoke about Reddit, an online forum for anyone and everyone.  On Reddit, there is a subreddit (a sub-forum) called PCMasterRace (I won’t get into the “master race” idea as that is a whole different issue).  Within this forum, many users will post pictures of comments from “console peasants” (people who prefer consoles over a PC) and discuss them further.  Many users will sometimes make fun or put down the ideas of the person who prefers the console.  What is most interesting about this, aside from how mean one can be to someone that is not even hearing the comment, is that the idea of the PC as a superior gaming device is picked up by thousands of people, and without ever meeting one another, or even truly discussing the idea, they all band together around the same idea.

The same goes for the other side of the debate.  People who prefer consoles also band together to fight back against PC lovers.  One exceedingly interesting idea that I found was that many of these supporters, whether it’s PC or Console, will have the same arguments, will have the same counterpoints.  This is interesting because there is no place anywhere on the Internet where these ideas are explicitly written.  These users have created large communities based off of ideas, based off of an age old debate, that have never really been explicitly said.  


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