Reddit as a Global Community

reddit_logo_blueReddit is an online forum that was conceived by two college graduates in 2005.  Throughout its lifespan, Reddit has expanded into a global online forum.  Within Reddit, there are sub-forums called subreddits.  These sub-forums are more specific.  For example, on the gaming subreddit, people can share links to videos, news articles, funny comics, and much more.  Not only are users able to share links, they are also able to interact via comments and private messaging.  This then allows many users to be able to ask questions to the mass of users, with many users often providing answers or solutions.

Through the ability to interact with other users, Reddit has created a space within the Internet that acts as a global community.  Most users that ask for help, and or ask for advice, are often well received, with many solutions coming there way.  Some users that offer solutions with even offer to help directly.  When I was building my computer, I needed help.  I was choosing components but reached a point where I was confused.  When I posted my question of the subreddit “BuildAPC”, many users responded, with one person even offering to Skype with me to answer all my questions.  Reddit is an extremely positive community that is ever-expanding, where most users are looking to help, make others laugh, and all around be positive.


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