The Vegetarian Voyager

I have always loved traveling, visiting new places and experiencing new cultures. I have been traveling across continents since I was only a year old. I love doing new things, but mainly, tasting new foods. The only problem with this is the fact that I am vegetarian. I’ve been vegetarian for two years and I love it. The only issue is that, when I travel, the fact that I’m vegetarian is sometimes misunderstood for being picky or rude. My sister and mother are both omnivores and they have often said that they would be vegetarian if they didn’t travel so much. They also love meat, as I did, so I doubt they’d really be vegetarian, but that’s another story. Every time I travel though, I am faced with the difficult decision of sacrificing either my values to appease others’ or by misrepresenting where I come from by seeming rude because I won’t eat what’s offered or traditional.

I was actually vegetarian for a year before stopping for another year. I only stopped because of this choice. I chose to appease my host’s tradition and sacrifice my own values. I felt horrible after that. I remained an omnivore for a year anyway because, deep down, I missed meat. But then, while traveling, I became a vegetarian again — although that is yet another story I won’t delve into now. And now, as there are so few vegetarian options in Chase, I’m again considering quitting the vegetarian lifestyle simply because of the lack of options. This is the same choice I did not want to have to face when I traveled, and now I am forced into it in a place that I would like to call home.


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