Trump Should be President!!

Okay now that I have your attention,

(if you know I don’t give a sugar honey tie tea about trump so no I don’t support him.)

I have mixed feelings about this statement above. As we have been talking about how much it cost to deport non documented individuals: a thought that has been on my mind for a while has officially been confirmed in my head.

Trump should become our president. He is the perfect candidate to “Make America Great Again.”

Let me explain:  If it cost about $12,500 to deport one individual and about $102,710 for bread winner of a family(Vice News). Let Americans learn a hard lesson about educating themselves on politics and who they want as a president. Trump’s policy of deporting “illegal immigrants” is the key to show Americans that their support will not make America great again. Here is why:

  1. If it cost so much to deport undocumented individuals that will be a great increase in American taxes. The more people he tries to deport the more money we as Americans will have to pay.
  2. This also lead into a larger increase in American taxes because if the person is the bread winner in the family, once deported the spouse who is left behind will have to go for government assistance (Food stamps, EBT, SS. Disability funds) to support their family which will be a bigger cut in the average American income.  This was also seen in the documentary, Immigrant American: The High Cost of Deporting Parents, that we saw in class. On average the U.S pays $900 billion per year of taxes to pay for deportations( Amac).
  3.  He has no political background or education to fully understand politics, so if he decides to changes some laws or create some laws that is more negatives effect on the people and not him.

If we are to make America great again Trump will be the best and one of the darkest times in American history to fix us as a whole. I hope that once he gets to be in the presidential position he will realize that:

  1. Not everyone in congress will support him even if they are conservative republican. since to make a law congress also need to approve to let it pass and if 2/3 of congress don’t agree then it’s not going to happen(United States of Reps).
  2.  The actual authority is split into 3 for a reason so people like him (like Jackson) don’t pull bullshit like he is spitting.

Hopefully with in the first year Trump supporters will realize that they made a mistake and further educate themselves in politics, how laws are enforced and how they are impacted of these said laws. Since money is the brains of the American nations this disturbing event will snap people out of their egos and into the real world.



How Much Does Illegal Immigration Cost You?


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