Why are Potato Chips Always Half-Empty?

I love potato chips. As much as I always get excited to eat some potato chips after buying them, it can also be such a disappointment after you open into a bag of Lay’s to find empty air I’m not going to lie but, sometimes I just want to stop buying them not only because its not good for you but because I’m not satisfied after paying a good amount of money on some chips.  Just to be clear, it’s not only Lays Chips that are always half- empty —it’s other chips and that’s also another problem for me as well. I’ve always wanted to know why and the reason for that is that snack makers want to protect their products from the damage of rough handling during the shipping process. As for any other chips, the air in the bag is contain of nitrogen to help the snacks stay fresh.However, that doesn’t excuse the dissatisfaction of proportion that is  mostly contained of air when it’s supposed to be filled with food. At the same time, when products are stacked atop one another, crammed into tight spaces, or simply jostled around in the back of a delivery truck, slack fill serves as an air cushion that prevents potato chips from becoming potato crumbs. The process of food has changed dynamically over the years. With the use of machines, industrial agriculture harnesses of energy such as steam power can increase productivity. The industrial agriculture and mobility of transporting foods changed in food ways around the world. It also can questions us  important health and environmental consequences for everyone. Other than having issues with the lack amount of chips in the bag, this could also be a good thing because we are currently facing obesity in our world. The things that we eat on our daily basis can be the cause of being overweight. According to the book Cultural Anthroplogy written by Robet Welsch it stated that, “In the United States during the 1990s, a child watch  on average 10,000 television advertisement for food per year with 95%  of those foods being surgared, ceral, sweets, fast food, and soft drinks, all which are fattening (Brownell 2002.” I feel that this quote is important to look at because we need to be careful of what we eat because we need to watch what we’re eating and start learning how to eat healthly.



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