A Doctor’s Note

What makes you sick? Within many systems in our society, you need a doctor’s note to actually be considered sick. Any time that we tell someone we can’t do something because we are sick, we are immediately questioned and told to provide evidence of a piece of paper signed by our healthcare provider that has a statement of proof of our sickness. A signature. That’s what people need to trust. A simple signature. Some may argue that this is not enough for one person to trust another person. Others may argue that this is as much evidence as you will ever need to determine if someone is sick. For the people that don’t trust doctors I say, maybe you’re onto something important.

Our society has felt the need to prove a person’s sickness based on a doctor; someone who has been educated and trained to diagnose people who may have some type of illness. All I ask is why? Why do we immediately trust anyone who’s title ends with “M.D”. On August 23rd, “A Michigan oncologist was arrested recently for allegedly running a multimillion-dollar scheme to defraud Medicare. He’s accused of administering chemotherapy to patients with no real chance of survival and misdiagnosing patients in order to charge for their expensive treatments.” Trust is a concept that is not easily given out, let alone understood. When it comes to our own medical health, we choose to either trust our doctors or not. Those that choose to trust their doctor may actually be right in doing so, however, in some cases people are just using the idea of medicalization to ignore any questions or concerns they may have against their doctor’s opinions. Why do you trust your doctor?


References: http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/23/health/youn-trust-your-doctor/


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