Addicted to sugar? That’s what they want.

The-Bliss-Point-How-Food-Companies-Get-You-HookedFood is a big part of everyone’s lives and many eat for not only their own pleasure but to not starve to death. Foods help to sustain energy and benefit us in many ways…or so we thought. There is an increasing change in the way food is manufactured and in this day and age it is no longer manufactured in a healthy way, instead food companies manipulate their buyers by using loads of sugar, sodium and carbs that become unnecessary for our bodies. Things such as sugar are good in moderation but in America specifically, people, on a daily basis, go over their daily intake. This in turn ruins our bodies, depletes our energy, makes us lazy and very much addicted to the sodium, carbs and sugar we are eating. The more and more we allow ourselves to eat overly sugary snacks, the more our body craves it leaving us vulnerable to diabetes and obesity. The top food companies understand this and they take advantage of the sugar addiction a lot of people in America have. When eating sugar, your brain thinks of it as a reward and the more you eat this sugar the more addicted you may become to the feeling sugar gives you. Many are unconscious to this fact and will give in to the unhealthy choices at the grocery store and although this may be true, what the FDA isn’t providing anyone information with is that even the “healthy” or “gluten free” foods contain mass amounts of sodium, and sometimes more sugar than they should to be considered healthy.sugar-graphic

In order to make money the FDA and top food companies need to hook you on their food, and they know that the only way to do that is to make it sugary, or full of sodium and carbs. As a result the food companies are watching us become unhealthy and obese while they sit on top a mountain of money. John Bodley writes in his, Anthropology and Contemporary Human Problems, “…The production-consumption market chain and the tendency to increase the per capita energy and resource cost of food consumption through expanded dependence on synthetic and highly processed foods and inefficiently produced animal protein. Because the primary objective of a commercial food system is to produce a financial return for investors, the system’s ability to satisfy human nutritional needs on a sustained basis is a secondary, virtually irrelevant consideration for those who direct the system” (pg. 187, “Chapter 5:Commercial Food Systems”, Bodley). They hide the facts, advertising foods with high sugar as healthy and most of the time people won’t look twice to see if it is actually healthy or not. Essentially food companies are deceiving, manipulating and ignoring Americans to their advantage.Therefore, are  you addicted to sugar? its sad to say, but that’s what they want. salt-sugar-fat-moss

Bodley, John. 2012. “Chapter 5: Commercial Factory Food Systems,” in Anthropology and Contemporary Human Problems. New York: Alta Mira Press.


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