Building A Wall

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One thing that is commonly heard is that countries specifically ones like Mexico and other South American countries, is that they bring unwanted violence thus causing crime rates to increase. These are the stereotype that all immigrants coming from South America are all thugs and drug lords, and are bring violence into our country. However, the truth is that most of these individuals are just people looking to work and earn money for themselves or their families. Many people such as politicians say that we should build a wall to prevent undocumented immigrants from entering the country. They believe that by doing this, it will lower the crime rate. Over the past 20 years, the number of undocumented immigrants has tripled, but the violent crime rate has dropped by 45%. So, even with immigrant rates increasing there is no positive correlation between violent rates. So why should we take extreme approaches such as building a wall. Building a wall is also extremely expensive, and won’t is beneficial and be ineffective. Why should be waste money and resources on building a wall when people could just find another way. Also, if there is no correlation found between an increased inflow of immigrants and crime rates why should we take these precautions?

2 thoughts on “Building A Wall”

  1. the idea that you present makes sound sense in i think in many people’s mind even in the minds of trump supporters, however i think the big thing they still agree with is is the racial and stereotypical fear they hold towards the people mentioned.

    I mean this wall idea helps manifest this us and them metaphoric wall that people want to make into reality becauseit helps them cover their fears.


  2. I agree with your view that there isn’t a correlation between the rate of violence and the rate in undocumented immigrants. Definitely, putting up a wall like Donald Trump has suggested will only bring upon more debts to our country. I only see bad things happening if our country puts up a wall to stop these migrants. If the wall stops these migrants from coming into the country, who is going to work as pickers on farms and work in dairy farms? Without migrant workers who are undocumented, many of our industries will go out of business because Americans are unwilling to work these jobs. Our problem with immigration in the country is that we look upon these migrants and call them “illegal aliens.” How can a human being be illegal? They are human beings, not aliens. Instead of finding preventive ways to keep these migrants out of the country, we need to find ways to make it easier for migrants to come to our country to work with better conditions and benefits. And like you said, there is no correlation between the migrants and violence rates, so the problem with immigration is us.


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