Close the Screen and Take a Hike

Modern day society is constantly loosing the appreciation that the natural world presents us with because we as people are immersed in our phones, tablets, and computers. A lot of kids these days do not have the same experiences as previous generations with the outdoors because of the the new technologies. Although, these technologies are helpful in making like both easier and more efficient for us, we cannot forget about natures abilities something that cannot be replicated by technology. New-Hiking.jpg

Especially in todays world people have excess amounts of stress that they are looking to either burn off or find a way to cope with. Many will even result to medication in order to reduce these feelings of anxiety. However, many forget about the soothing essence that nature presents because it is something that has taken a backseat to technology and the modern world. By having too much screen time it actually inhances the risk of individual isolation and depression. This idea is called nature deprivation and it is becoming more and more common in modern day society. In order to remain happy and live a healthy life one must be in touch with nature in some form or another because the natural world presents a stress relief that is unmatched. Nature has a different meaning to everyone as we learned in class, but as long as one is involved with nature in some type of way he or she is doing themselves a favor from a health standpoint.“The earth has music for those who listen.”  said the writer George Santayana. This quote represents all the opportunities and possibilities nature has within its boundaries, but these cannot be attained by staring at a screen day in and out. In addition, George Santayana speaks to the personal aspect of nature almost referring to the singular relationship between man and earth. I believe this is the best way to get the most out of nature is absorbing it in by oneself.



2 thoughts on “Close the Screen and Take a Hike”

  1. I agree with you. Sometimes when it is a really nice outside i find myself wasting the whole day inside in my room just watching tv or doing homework. I should appreciate the natural world more then i do with materialist things, like my phone, or computer.


  2. This post is very true. The advancements in technology and hours of screen time that we indulge in on a daily basis take away from our piece of mind and health. I can’t count how many times an adult has told me “when I was your age I was playing outside not watching TV and playing video games.” I do see a problem with this. Some of us do not get out as much as we should. Spending time outside and in nature is a natural stress reliever that should be taken advantage of more often. When ever I play sports outside or even go for a walk I get a great sense of joy than I do if I were to play video games. Sadly, I don’t see a decrease in virtual play within the near future. As a society we must focus more on encouraging outside activities rather than inside ones.


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