Colors Shouldn’t be Associated With Genders

Why do we instill in children that pink is associated with girls and blue is related to boys? It is believed that girls are nurturing, domestic and sentimental, while boys are adventuresome, active and aggressive. North American’s ideas about gender differences are powerfully expressed through the colors and characteristics of the clothing they are assigned from earlier ages. Things such as clothing conveys powerful stereotypes about supposed differences in temperament and personality between males and females. Why can’t we just choose the option that is more appealing to the person or child? Instead of saying no that’s for boys or no that’s for girls. Pressuring girls and boys from younger ages, associating them to certain colors is not really giving them a freedom of choice; because of what society has influenced on us that genders are entitled to certain colors shouldn’t even be a thing. Girls could be just as adventurous, active and aggressive as boys just as boys can be nurturing and sentimental. Assigning colors to genders lead to labels. We shouldn’t associate the colors of our genders to our personalities. We shouldn’t have to follow what everyone thinks is right, only girls can be associated with pink and boys associated with blue.



5 thoughts on “Colors Shouldn’t be Associated With Genders”

  1. I really liked your article and your point of view on this topic. I believe that our society is very stereotypical, Unfortunately, it has always been like that, and will it keep being like that unless we take some action soon! At least in the western societies, when parents find out the sex of their expected baby, they start preparing the baby’s room according to the doctor’s declaration: ”You are expecting a baby boy” or ”You are expecting a girl”. The room is decorated either in blue or in pink. In that sense, the baby is enforced to identify himself or herself with a color. But how fair is that? Then, as you said, come the clothes and the colors… Again, blue for the boys and pink for the girls. Because this is how it should be! Wouldn’t be a lot better if the new born baby came in a world of neutral colors, like orange, yellow, green, etc., and when he or she grew older and started learning the world, could decide which color is closest to his or her personality.


    1. Funny thing is that before (back in the day) boys used pink as opposed to blue. Honestly i do not understand why pink is seen as feminine, i like it and it can be very masculine.


  2. Very true! I also believe that boys and girls should play with whatever toys they want to when they are younger. Whether that is action figures or dolls for either gender. The stereotypes that people force on young children causes them to have those same stereotypes throughout their lives.


  3. This is interesting because America dosent even have that big of a problem with assigning gender roles, for example, Mexico gives genders to many more things than we do, such as assigning the moon to be female and the Sun to be male. I believe this sets stereotypes types more into place.


  4. I think it is interesting how you approached the relation of color and gender stereotypes. It reminded me of an article I read about this same topic. I don’t remember much of it but I remember it talking about how originally newborn boys were wrapped in pink and girls were wrapped in blue. The use of what colors represent and its relation to gender identity was also an interesting way to approach gender stereotypes.


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