Customer Happiness or Saving the Enviorment

There has been a problem in food production as well as environmental degradation. The connection is destruction of the environment. It’s at the point where the producers care more about the production than the environment. There are multiple ways of producing more environmentally friendly foods. Not only is food production ruining the environment, but also has an effect on the animals. For example, instead of feeding cows corn feed, they should be given grass. Or rather, instead of growing sun grown coffee, producers should grow shaded coffee. When watching the video King Corn, I remember one of the producers saying that they didn’t eat their own home grown corn, called it crap and didn’t care what happened to it. This is sad, producers shouldn’t be at the point where they admit that what they grow isn’t good quality. So is it that the happiness of the customers is more important than the environment? Ok, I understand that making the customers happy is a huge part of the process, but there are ways to compromise by making environment friendly foods and making the customers happy.


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