Daily Table:Food excess for the food insecure

Daily Table in Dorchester, MA aims to solve the problem of food insecurity in lower income neighborhoods through food excess that would typically go into a land fill. Daily Table offers both grocery items and prepared foods that allow many who would go to a nearby fast food restaurant to buy healthy food. All food is priced to compete with the fast food alternatives. Grocery stores, food suppliers, manufacturers, restaurants, and growers provide much of the food for Daily Table and they supplement the remainder of the food found in the grocery store. Daily Table is the T.J. Maxx or Marshalls of grocery stores.

Daily Table solves both of the problems that we have discussed in class concerning food waste and food insecurity. The grocery stores helps to save food that would typically go into a landfill and it serves a community that might otherwise rely on fast food chains or mini-marts with no fresh produce. What Daily Table is doing is great and if it can expand and open up new stores elsewhere it could solve two of America’s biggest problems concerning food. Another potential program that could aid in curbing food insecurity would be bringing Daily Table into the classroom. Kids from low-income neighborhoods often have to rely on a school lunch program that does not serve healthy food for their food for the day. By using the same model that Daily Table currently uses, schools serve fresher produce and healthier lunches. The current system is unlikely to change in the near future without a change in how agriculture and food in the U.S. are funded.




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