Decolonizing Food Ways

What food is perceived as healthy in the United States? As immigrants coming into the United States or even influence of health from the United States on other countries. Over time, what is perceived as healthy in diets has influenced what is taught in schools are well what is prescribed in different medical fields. In the process, different forms of traditional knowledge when it comes to food systems that have sustained many generations of people, have become the lesser known or the ashamed within a culture that requires assimilation to succeed.

Some research has been done in reference to the food knowledge been held through Indigenous generations through language, folklore, and dance to name a few examples of continuing knowledge. There has also been the encouragement of decolonizing diets within the United States that go back to giving acknowledgement to the traditional knowledge of food systems to keep generations alive and well.

Although a part of assimilation to the United States does include consuming the food that is available and uses commonly in specific areas, there also needs to be an acknowledgement of the understandings of food that come from people coming into the United States, indigenous folks and other people of color included.


Author: keylymartinez

I love myself, that is radical to the systems that oppress me.

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