Immigration: Good or Bad?


Many Americans across the country have different views on immigration. Some people are against immigrants entering the country while others believe that America should be open to anyone who seeks the opportunities it has to offer as long as they don’t pose a threat to the country.

When the word “immigrant” is mentioned, many people often associate it with illegal immigration. Stereotypes of Mexicans crossing the boarder, committing crimes, and not contributing to society through paying taxes are linked with this word. Many Americans believe that they will endure more costs with allowing immigrants into the country, such as healthcare costs, housing costs, welfare costs, and education costs. This mindset has only lead Americans to think negatively towards immigration and insist on strict reforms to make it nearly impossible for them to enter the country.

More often than not people associate negativity with immigration, but not everybody takes into consideration the positive effects it can have. Day in and day out there are immigration attorneys working to help people from other countries obtain work visas in order to enter the United States. Immigrants work some of the most important jobs in the country and are often overlooked in these areas, such as college professors, doctors, scientists and many others. The United Sates allows these people to get visas in order to work in the country because they can offer something that we don’t have.

Americans do not always realize the positive effects that immigrants can have on our country. They offer diversity in many different areas and enhance our society’s cultural knowledge. For example, foreign doctors may be able to discover a vaccine that an American doctor can not. Foreign professors may be able to enlighten us with perspectives that one in America may not be prone to. In general foreign professionals may have valuable insight that Americans have not discovered yet. Society cannot be so quick to assume that with immigration comes negativity.




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