Is corn something you should eat?

Corn is very good for you. In class we watched a movie about how corn is in almost everything we eat. It is everywhere, but does that mean it is good for you all around?

It has very healthy-supportive antioxidants. It is also seen to be a good source of fiber for you.  It is also a staple food, which means it is in the basis of our ordinary, chips or burritos, etc.

With all the healthy nutrients it puts into your body, it gives you a lot of blood sugar benefits. This means, Vitamins. Such as, B1, B5, and folic acid.

We eat corn every day, in everything we eat, and do not always realize that we are eating something so good for us.


An ear of corn isolated on a white background
An ear of corn isolated on a white background



One thought on “Is corn something you should eat?”

  1. As I was reading your post, it kept striking me how important corn is. So I took the initiative to look and see what else corn is in that we use and that we may not know about. The most important things that I found that contain corn are toothpaste as well as aspirin. I thought your post was very thought provoking and I enjoyed thinking about how important corn is within both what we eat as well as what we utilize to help us through everyday life.


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