Is it ethical to be hiring undocumented immigrants for American jobs?


As a society, our general belief is that since hiring illegal immigrants is against the law, it is wrong. However, under the circumstances of which many of these undocumented
immigrants are subject to live in back in their home countries, it is not really a choice for them to come to America, but a necessity. The United States has many pull factors such as an abundance of job opportunities, and high wages that are significantly more than the majority of countries. Furthermore, many countries in Central America, where the vast amount of illegal immigrants come from, have incredibly high rates of crime and poverty that force them to leave the country. In class, we watched a movie on deportation, and the perspectives of illegal immigrants revealed that even if they get deported, or caught trying to cross the border, they are just going to try to get back into America legally or illegally. Due to the many factors driving people out of their countries and towards America, it is understandable as to why the number of illegal immigrants is so massive in the United States.

A common argument in support of deportation is that there are over 8 million Americans out of work in todays society, and that illegal immigrants are taking American citizen’s jobs. Currently, according to recent surveys conducted by the Pew Research center, there are 8.1 million undocumented immigrants working in the United States. Although illegal immigrants are taking the blame for the increasing unemployment rates, recent studies show that Americans would rather keep drawing unemployment than work the low paying jobs that many undocumented immigrants work. The idea that a “dead end job is better than no job,” is simply outdated in American society. That being said, if we continue to deport illegal immigrants who are working these ‘dead end jobs,’ then who will perform these demanding, and vital tasks when they are all gone.

Should we be concerned that many of the immigrants that we deport are actually helping our nation? Is it ethical to be sending immigrants back to where they came from when they are just going to try to come back because the conditions are so bad in their own country?


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