Is Nature Inherently Natural Anymore?

Is nature natural anymore? Or has the human race managed to ruin the one thing that every being on Earth needs? I believe that the human race is pushing the limits of what we consider to be “natural nature”. Many factors are contributing to the destruction of nature but the main factor is global warming. It is a raging problem and it needs all of our attention but it is getting less than the necessary attention. This is the population of the world neglecting to acknowledge that we have a problem and hoping that others will take the initiative upon themselves to solve it. I think this is because people are scared and intimidated by the magnitude of the problem that is facing us. If we don’t improve our sustainable methods, we will create a problem that nothing we do can reverse. That’s an intense thought. The issue is is that we have already done quite a bit of damage to the world that supports us both esthetically as well as resource-wise. Many organizations have been trying to reverse the affects of global warming (as well as other forms of man-made destruction) but have they fixed too much to a point where nature is too man-made? The essence of nature is that it is natural and that’s what causes certain naturally occurring things so beautiful. The fact that man had no involvement in the making of it is what causes so many people in the world to be enthralled by the occurrences of nature. Have we ruined it by trying to save it? I believe that on the big scale we have not ruined it but I do believe that there are small pockets throughout the world that are being ravaged by the hands of man both by destroying the nature for resources and/or destroying it by trying to revive the area. And if you look at nature with the same lens as I am, which is that any area which has been destroyed by the search for resources as well as being destroyed by governments trying to revive the area, you will see that there are not many areas in our world that has not been ruined. Nature as we once knew it is no longer the same entity. Nature is no longer natural.


One thought on “Is Nature Inherently Natural Anymore?”

  1. I think it is very important that you brought up how we may be ruining nature by trying to save it. There is a very delicate balance between synthetic nature and “naturally” occurring nature. I agree with this 100% but I used to think that it was wrong. They way you presented this concept has made me evaluate the effort of man trying to “save” nature. Today it is almost necessary to create nature because of how much we have already destroyed. Originally, my perspective would be to let nature take its course and reclaim the earth in a natural way when given the chance. However, your argument has made me consider the importance of recreating nature, because although the nature may not be “natural” anymore, at least its a step in the right direction.


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