Is wealth linked to trying new foods?

I was born and raised in an Irish catholic family. My family never really had much money so we ate what we could afford. Almost every night my dad would make some different variation of a Hamburger Helper meal or something else out of a box. I became used to the idea that food came from boxes and cans.

Now that I am older and my family has less of an influence on my lifestyle, I know that food does not only come from a can or a box. Food comes in many different shapes and sizes, tastes and textures. A lot of the new foods that I’ve tried have been provided to me without payment. I’ve tried foods from different cultures at things like school events and dinners at friends houses or with my boyfriend and his father.

A lot of the time when I mention these new foods I’ve tried, like sushi or burritos, to my family members they look disgusted and say things like “I’d never try that!”I was always confused by that answer. Why wouldn’t anyone want to try new foods? Why wouldn’t anyone want to experience life to the fullest?

Then I realized what the problem was. I was in a restaurant with my friend and I was looking at the menu trying to figure out what I wanted to eat. There were a lot of cool things on the menu that I’d never heard of and would have liked to try, but I didn’t want to spend money on something that I wasn’t sure I was going to like or not. I wanted to make sure that I had a good dinner and left the restaurant full and content. I didn’t have the money to waste on trying new things. But when I was with my boyfriend and his family I would try all sorts of new food because his father had the money to throw around.

This made me notice that there is a possible link between wealth and trying new things. A lot of people don’t try new foods because they can’t afford to waste money on something that is supposed to supply a basic need of theirs. They don’t want to use money for something that could end up tasting horrible and go home hungry. However, lots of people who eat many different kinds of foods have more money and can afford to buy random foods to cook up or eat.

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