Learning Food

There are many things Americans can learn from other countries in terms of food culture. For examples, in china, only the older generations still shop everyday in the market, then go home and cook traditional dishes everyday. The ingredients are fresh everyday. Compared to china’s fresh ingredients everyday, American cuisine is shaped by the wealth of the country. Such as corn syrup and other genetically modified food. There are many independent farms in china, they grow their own crops to sell to the local market. There are not many genetically modified food. While the Chinese does not have a country food identity, Americans have a strong unified food identity of meat culture. Americans are strongly associated with steak. Food can also be seen as an identity of status. The poor in america can only afford corn meat. Corn meat is when the beef is fed an all corn diet. When that happens the cow gets heavier faster. The Chinese does not have this problem. Since the Chinese mostly eats freshly prepared ingredients prepared mostly by local farmers. There are many local farms supplying the local community with fresh food.


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3 thoughts on “Learning Food”

  1. I have had a very similar experience having spent the summer in China. The daily pick up of food really allows for a much healthier lifestyle, but it goes against the American way of fast and efficient. Because the Chinese are taking more time and putting more thought into what they are eating, they are benefiting greatly from a health perspective. It also allows them to pick up food such as fish. Fish is a healthy food the only downside is that it will go bad quickly. This is not a problem for the Chinese because it is incorporated into their daily lives. If the American food system were a bit different from how it is right now then it would be easier to stay healthy in the long run.


  2. What i find interesting is the little regulation the FDA has on genetically modified foods, there is such a fine line when it comes to the way we make the food we eat.


  3. I also have a similar experience. My family decided to go back to China about 6 years ago because that’s where my sister and I were born. When I was there I noticed how much healthier they eat compared to Americans. We did a lot of walking and I saw people picking their crops and selling them on the spot. I learned that Native Chinese food is a lot different than American Chinese food is.


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