Location is Key

Generally one of the first things people notice when they arrive at a new country is the difference in food culture. For example, while there may be a myriad amount of hot-dog stands but in other countries there will be food stands but they’re not hot dogs. For example, there are fried squid stands in China and Japan. Although both countries serve the same thing, the squids are actually cooked differently. In China, the squid is served fried on a grill. While in Japan, the fried squid is called takoyaki and served in dough balls. While the two countries are really close together the food between the two countries are completely different. Takoyaki was created by Tomekichi Endo in 1935 in Osaka. The word Takoyaki comes from the japanese word for “Tako” and “Yaki”. Tako being octopus and Yaki meaning fried.Yaki is derived from yaku which means to fry or to frill. Takoyaki is basically a dough ball with a small piece of octopus in the middle. Takoyaki is so popular now in japan that it is served in food stalls and many well-established takoyakii specialty restaurants. They are also sold at commercial outlets such at 24 hour convenience stores.


Author: Mr.Bubble

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