Organ Harvesting and Trafficking of Minorities

Organ trafficking involves the harvesting and sale of organs from unwilling donors to a donor who is will to give up their organ because of financial issue and other circumstances. Many times donating an organ is seen as a positive action because it is a way of helping someone in critical medical condition. The problem with organ donation is not saving someone from dying, but rather the exploitation of poor people for organ donation. It was reported that many wealthy people who needed organs were conspiring with doctors to do illegal organ harvesting of poor minorities, especially Hispanic and black immigrants. For many years, black people’s organs are considered superior, so the demand of black people organ is higher. Since organs are not something you can buy at a market, many wealthy people tend to take advantage of black and Hispanic people by stealing their organs. In 1993, an African-American man William Michael Lucas was found beaten to death causing him to die shortly after reaching the hospital. Around the same time Governor Casey, 42nd Governor of Pennsylvania, was able to receive William’s heart and liver for a transplant. Many people were angry with the fact that he  received preferential treatment with respect to the donor waiting lists. There was also investigation about him conspiring to end the black man’s life, so he would be able to survive.

In other cases, many children from third world countries were being taken by people from the U.K. and the U.S.A for organ harvesting purpose. Often times this happens under the name of adoption and medical help. Some people adopt children from Africa, so they would be able to use their organ for transplant and other medical experiments. Adopting children from African countries is much easier for this purpose because it is very hard to track children from poor countries, rather than adopting black children from the U.S.A. During the 2010 Haiti earthquake in Haiti, many child victims of the earthquake were taken to U.S states for a better life, but the IRC in Haiti discover that there was illegal organ trafficking involved with the adoption process. Many corrupt doctors and people go to countries with less resources, so they would be able to take advantage of their organ because organ trafficking is not highly regulated by the government.

Organ trafficking and harvesting are increasing each year because there is a lack of law enforcement involved in these matters. This is a problem that is lacking attention by many people in this world because it is an issue that is considering many minorities, who are seen as second class citizens.

One thought on “Organ Harvesting and Trafficking of Minorities”

  1. This is unreal! I had no idea any of this happened. The wealthy people should not have to do that, they should just pay because they can.


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