Sex without consequences?

without consequences

Today it is very socially acceptable to become a loyal member of the hookup culture especially in college. And although it may be seen as a normal part of society today, it brings up the question of whether or not the idea of casual sex is breeding many negative aspects of society today. These negative aspects include the growing rape culture across college campuses, and a feeling of emotional instability. People may feel pressured to join the hook up culture to feel accepted and “normal” eventually contributing to this emotional instability with one’s self and a feeling of un-satisfaction or even feeling the need to take advantage of someone to be seen as “cool” with others.

The dating app, Tinder is a place teeming with people looking to hook up with one another, but it is also a place teeming with possible sex offenders and fake profiles. I have heard many instances from friends of mine who have hooked up with someone they met on Tinder, and have felt taken advantage of or immediately regretting their decision. They felt the need to be liked by friends and others because of their sexual status just as some might feel the need to take advantage of someone to feel accepted by others.  Some become obsessed with the idea of being accepted so much so that they’ll put their own respect for themselves aside and commit to having a “one night stand” with someone who does not care for their feelings or does not respect them the way they should.

With the hook up culture growing, the rape culture is also growing and becoming equally acceptable. It is a never ending cycle of hooking up, hurting and taking advantage of one another. We don’t always realize just how much we disrespect each other through the hooking up process and we don’t realize just how much we stress out about it either. Yet it has a hold over all of us and we just can’t seem to get enough of the spontaneous excitement that comes with throwing caution to the wind and constantly wanted to be accepted by others. However, the hook up culture is an impending breeding ground for many negative outcomes in society that must be talked about and realized in order to suppress the casual idea of sex eventually leading to ideas that shouldn’t be seen as so casual in society today.


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