The ethics of horror films (NSFW/Potential Trigger Warning)


Horror films are designed to scare people. Popular horror films in the United States include Halloween, Saw, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to name a few. All these films are splattered with scenes of gory murder and screams of agony. They show the true horrors of the human world. People watch these movies and start to worry about whether or not something like that could happen to them. But the American films never truly show all of it. They don’t explore the true depths and horrors of this world.

However, in other countries there are movies that are completely horrifying and realistic. The French film Irréversible contains a nine minute long rape scene in which you see the man visibly beating and sodomizing a woman. The Serbian film A Serbian Film demonstrates pedophilia, torture pornography, and incest. The Italian film Salò otherwise known 120 Days of Sodom emulates child pornography and shows images of sodomy and feces eating. These films all show the true horrors of the world in graphic detail. They do not hold back, and they do not care about the ethics of the film industry.

My question to the readers is: should there be more American films that have no restrictions as long as they aren’t breaking the law? Should we allow Americans to be exposed to these horrible things so that they can understand and feel empathetic for those who suffer from these tragedies?



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