Violence : A Blanket Term on Immigration

The complexity of violence that occurs within Latin American countries is one of the reasons as to the lack of refugee recognition within the United States, and immigrants coming from particular Central American countries.

A majority of said violence pertains to groups of people taking the power of lack of organized government and drug trade which has manifested itself in high rates of homicide in more than four Central American countries and the Caribbean. Although there is recognition of the internal conflict that occurs within these countries, there is no recognition of the complexity behind why many families and young children are leaving their countries behind.

Although a lot of countries are in the aftermath of civil wars or dictatorships, meaning there is growth or economic upturn in comparison to the lack of economic opportunity, agency, and resource that existed when more corruption existed within countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Although only the numbers of what is occurring are being addressed to gather data, the causes of internal struggle are deeper, and they branch out in multiple manners, enough to send many generations of immigrants to the United States. Violence used as a blanket term to reflect on the issues of Central American countries does affect how the United States looks at incoming immigrants as illegal aliens, immigrants or refugees.


Author: keylymartinez

I love myself, that is radical to the systems that oppress me.

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