What do the Longest Living People in the World Eat?

As we have seen and talked about in class, what we put into our bodies and the food choices we make affects how one lives his or her life. An example is the movie that we watched in class about the production of corn and how the corn that is in most of our foods cannot be eaten until it is processed. Because of this foods that we see in our everyday stores can be much more harmful than helpful if one does not know what to look out for. The saying “you are what you eat” holds a certain amount of truth in the sense that the healthier one is with his or her diet then the overall quality of his or her life is improved. In order to gain a deeper insight on how to improve ones life from a health standpoint we take a look at what the longest living people in the world eat.

There is research that suggests a strong plant based diet enjoyed by many different cultures around the world has an affect on the aging process in that it slows it down. One of the main determinants of aging is the length of an individuals telomeres; the shorter the telomeres are within the chromosome the higher probability of a shorter life span and higher risk for disease. Characteristics such as lean weight/ muscle correlates with longer telomeres which are strongly affected by ones diet. Studies show that one is also able to lengthen their telomere length once switching to a plant based diet. Researchers discovered that individuals who switched to a plant based diet had a shift in length from shorter to longer telomeres over a five year period. This suggests that is is never to late to start caring more about what we as individuals put into our bodies.eatright.jpg

By having a more natural plant based diet one can increase their health and wellness from a cellular level up, overall improving one’s quality of life because it all starts with you you feel. If an individual feels good and healthy they are more likely to be confident and preform well in their respective settings. By having a plant based diet it not only puts you on track for a healthy future, but an all around improved quality of life as well.


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