Are Video Games Just For Boys

Video games are known as time consuming devices or software that have been evolving throughout the years. There are many types of game devices such as handhelds, consoles and softwares (apps or downloadable games on pc). The main purpose of video games is to entertain the users by providing fun times and distraction for everyone, however this has changed. What was universally accepted is now seen as taboo for girls to play video games, same way as boys are not supposed to play with dolls. The marketing and social construct that has occurred and still continues to occur today is why we believe that games are for boys.

Video games have established quite the market, the industry has totaled over 1.3 trillion dollars. The evolution and success of games are what caused this incredible industry to lead among other great industries in the world such as pc manufacturers or mobile manufacturers. Although very popular and successful, video game industries have their fair share of controversies such as video games cause kids to become violent, video games cause eyesight problems and video games make you stupid. All of these statements have been proven wrong by modern sciences, video games don’t cause kids to be violent, video games don’t cause eye sight problems it actually according to new studies improves it and the theory that video games make you stupid has been completely destroyed by evidence that your brain becomes stronger (cognition functions and problem solving) when playing video games.

One relatively new controversy that has emerged and that science cannot help but feel left out in this scenario is the fact that video games were meant for boys not girls, but a new poll shows that women are currently the ones that play the most video games as opposed to boys. So why does the marketing branch in gaming industries choose to avoid girls when advertising their products to public? This stems from a social construct that girls are too delicate to play with games, instead they should play with Barbie dolls. Which is so wrong considering that the sole purpose of video games is to entertain the user.

Though they are just like any other good thing out there, there something called a limit. Video games are incredible, they allow the infinite impossibilities come true and expand the vast imagination that the brain can process. These subjective experiences are too good to not allow a girl from experiencing them because it is not “adequate”, and video game industries should try and stop this stereotype because frankly they will be making far more money if they do.


3 thoughts on “Are Video Games Just For Boys”

  1. As a girl who games I wholeheartedly agree with this. So many times I see video games marketed solely towards girls. But this inequality also fits in somewhat with the whole stereotypical “geek” culture in general. Woman are mocked and derided by male fans whenever they attempt to make a statement about something they like: be it cosplaying as one of their favorite characters at a convention to gaming online or receiving lewd messages and comments whilst playing a game. The worst though is when a girl’s skill is mocked simply because she is a girl. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have heard the phrase, “Do you even game?” directed towards girls in the gammer community, it’s even more frustrating when the girls these comments are directed to are actually among the top players on the leaderboards. Not only does the video game market need to become more inclusive in their advertising to girls, but some male members in the gaming community need to learn proper gaming etiquette


  2. It is sad when realizing how common this topic comes up in this generation. It’s not necessarily always for video games, but for what is still considered for just boys. As a girl who enjoys video games, and I’m guessing there are many other girls who do also, it’s some times tough to play. Think about it. You’re in GameStop and looking at the games deciding which one to buy. How many employees come up and ask if you need help? Why may ask? Because we are girls in that store and not suppose to know anything about that stuff. Meanwhile, the 8 year old kid who knows less than you is being treated like he knows whats up. It’s just funny to me.


  3. I totally agree with you that many people think video games are just for boys. Even though I don’t play any video games, friends of mine plays video game when she has free time. I think our society has very narrow views. I see many advertisements that seem only aim to boys. I agree that “video game industries should try and stop this stereotype,” but I think they tend to focused on boys because it is true that majority people who plays their video games, the consumers, are the boys. It is sad that they are only going for their profit even though it is their job. One possible solution can be making more video games for girls.


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