Is “fat” okay?

In the New York Times Article “Yes I’m fat. It’s O.K. I said it.” writer Sarai Walker discusses the social stigmas of the use of the t

he word “fat” along with the treatment of fat people. I’d like to consider myself an open minded person and even as I read her article I seem to mentally cringe every time she drops the f-word. This seems to be a pattern she has noticed among a wide spectrum of people, from “bullies, misogynists and anti-obesity crusaders, but[also] to many of those who consider themselves to be enlightened, too”, since the Is fat okaypublish of her book “Dietland”. Walker also argues that “fat” people are mistreated as a group and often this treatment is based off of poor misconceptions about being fat.

However, Walker places the mistreatment of “fat” people above their physical health. Although their are many incorrect social stigmas about people who struggle with weight, self esteem should not come before one’s ability to live a healthy life. Yes, being comfortable in one’s own body is important and something that many American’s struggle with, however there is a physical point where excessive weight takes a tole on human health. As a society in general, we need to be more conscientious of the feelings of those who are overweight, however “fatness” should not be glorified as Walker calls for, due to it’s significant health complications.





One thought on “Is “fat” okay?”

  1. You make some very good points here. However I would like to point out that what does not seem to be addressed here are those who have a legitimate medical reason (usually a glandular problem) for being overweight as their body simply cannot keep the weight regulated for that specific person’s body size and stature. These issues can come on suddenly, like they did upon the premiere of TLC’s show My Big Fat Fabulous Life. In that show the girl they followed was for all intents and purposes, living a healthy life, yet she would still be considered overweight because of a medical reason. She was still confident and living healthy, yet she was ‘fat’. Just something else to look into and consider when appraising people who are overweight yet confident about their bodies.


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