Is Our Culture Promoting Obesity?


Have you ever thought about what is causing our rising obesity epidemic? There is no particular person to blame except for our culture. Our culture is inclined to be structured and tailored to an “on the go” lifestyle, which is ultimately helping our obesity levels thrive.

Our culture is making things more and more accessible because of our structured lifestyle that it is getting to the point where we do not even have to walk to get around. What started off as just public transportation, which is certainly a necessary aspect of our daily lives, has turned into segways and hoverboards, drive-thrus, and we’re on the verge of being able to purchase self-driving cars! Driving is already simplifying walking for us, but once we do not even have to drive anymore, what are we going to have to do for ourselves?

Another role our society is playing in to help promote our obesity levels is by allowing processed food chains and products to be advertised with celebrity role models to promote products like Coca-Cola, cereal, candy, and several other processed foods.

Meanwhile, when Barack Obama took office, his wife Michelle tried to make a change in our cultural eating habits by targeting children and adolescents by establishing a “Let’s Move” campaign. Although her intentions were to decrease obesity levels, she promoted false information that can be detrimental to one’s health. She made the mistake of promoting the consumption of nonfat and lowfat products in order to help lose weight, however, nonfat products are countered by the addition of sugar, which in turn will turn into fat and can actually be worse for your health. According to Michael Moss, an accredited author of numerous food publications, food consumption is more important than exercise. Although exercising is important, food consumption is the key to living a healthy lifestyle no matter how much one works out. There will always be an option to choose a nonfat or lowfat product over the norm, but it is not necessarily going to be a better choice.


2 thoughts on “Is Our Culture Promoting Obesity?”

  1. I agree with you that the American culture does promote obesity. With all of the fast food restaurants and sugar and chemical filled processed food our country is not doing much to be a good influence about health. In order to be healthy, you much eat healthy but when the only healthy, fresh food is the most expensive and least accessible, it is difficult. Today more and more restaurants, even a lot of fast food restaurants, are opening that serve only healthy and fresh food that is also very delicious. Biggest problem is that it is too expensive and not everyone can afford it. For example, why it is that fresh fruit and vegetables is more expensive then a bag of Cheetos? I understand that it cost more because it cost more to produce and ship, but it shouldn’t. We need to find a way to make fresh and healthy food accessible to everyone so that our American culture can change its course and stop promoting obesity and start promoting healthy living.


  2. I agree with you that our culture is promoting obesity. As our technology has developed more and more, people are getting more lazy than ever. I was shocked when hoverboard came out and saw many people using it on the campus. I saw a article that someone invented a flying hoverboard. So I agree that we are “getting to the point where we do not even have to walk to get around.” I think “Let’s move” campaign is a good promotion to decrease to obesity levels, but yes, it is true that “nonfat products are countered by the addition of sugar, which in turn will turn into fat and can actually be worse for your health.” We should keep doing healty food campaign, yet acknowledging the danger of nonfat products is also important.


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