The dangerous of wearing skinny jeans.


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Fashion trends are always changing seasonally. However, fashion piece like skinny jeans seem would never go out of style. Skinny jeans are always in fashion because it is slimming body image of women. However, it is no longer consider safe if not worn correctly since 2015. An unidentified 35 year old woman was unable to get up for hours after squatting over cardboard moving boxes in her skinny jeans. The woman was send to the hospital, but to find out that the jeans had damaged muscle and nerve fibers in her lower leg that prevent her from taking them off. According to the doctor, she was later diagnosed with compartment syndrome, a condition that reduces the blood supply to the leg by cutting off nerves and swelling muscles (Olson, 2015).

Skinny jeans were not initially received well by the public. However, the rise of fashion industry helped jeans dominated the market by mid-2000s. Dr. Octavio Bessa, who have practiced for 20 years, he saw an average of 20 to 25 patients every year reporting abdominal discomfort, chest pains, and heart burn. It is believed that skinny jean and other types of tights, or restrictive clothing can also cause meralgia parenthetical. One of the symptoms is tingling, numbness, and burning pain along the other thigh. It occurs when the nerves from the spinal column to the thigh are damaged from chronic compression (Olson, 2015).

Although compartment syndrome has been recognized by the medical community a long time ago with focused on different causes, it didn’t receive medical attention needed at first. There are three major reason suggested for medicalizing the non-medical are financial, social authority of surgeon, and preference of viewing social problem in scientific term. The biggest reason of medicalization is financial, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and insurance companies want to develop and use any new opportunity to make larger profits. The percentage of women wearing skinny jeans is the highest it has ever been in history. Big population would have a bigger pool of potential patient having compartment syndrome.

Through out history, women are participating in procedures that will modify them to be closer to the ideal image at what society believes at the time. Fashion in the 21th century often requires pain, skinny high heels, spanx, and the list goes on and one. Fashion shouldn’t have to hurt. However, many women are feel pressure or obligated to participate in popular in hope that others will accept them. While cultural relativism is the fundamental of anthropology, which means we can’t judging other culture’s practice while we try to learn about them. However, can we still be a moral activist under the circumstance fashion has been a potential risk to vast majority women population in day to day life?

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