“You know that’s permanent”

Tattoos. Some people have them. Some people don’t. Some people love them. Some people hate them. In the past, tattoos were not very popular and only the real bad-asses had them. Today, however, tattoos are becoming more and more popular among young adults. Tattoo-Stats-011.jpg

To many older people, tattoos are unattractive, unnecessary, and stupid. Personally, my parents hate tattoos and have told both me and my sister that if we ever get a tattoo they will stop paying for their share of the college fund. I do not really understand the negative stigma tattoos have. It’s your own body and you can do what you want. Parents do not understand the new fad of tattoos, just like we do not understand bell-bottoms and big glasses. Yes tattoos are permanent, but it is very prominent it our society. And if you get a tattoo that means something to you, you will not regret it. I guess I just do not understand what is so bad about getting tattoos?


5 thoughts on ““You know that’s permanent””

  1. I really like your article! Tattoos have become increasingly popular. That’s really unfortunate that your parents feel that way, although many parents probably feel the same way. My parents are cool with tattoos, but my Nana thinks it’s stupid for me to have gotten a tattoo at 18, thinking I’ll regret it. I definitely won’t regret it because it carries a lot of meaning for me, and even if I do, it’s my body. I think the negative stigma that comes with tattoos is due to the fact that only “bad-asses” used to have them. “Bad-asses” were seen as troublemakers, so that’s probably why older generations find them undesirable, that’s just my thought.


  2. I think the point of not getting tattoos is because often, they are associated with gangs and or other criminal related activities. So if someone has a tattoo, they are more likely to be associated with criminals. For example, you don’t see many successful business men with tattoos but gangs or drug dealers almost always have them.


  3. This is a great article that presents a great topic. I think people can b very judgmental of tattoos when they might not even know the significance of the tattoo. Many people get meaningful tattoos that are very important to them. Others may see these tattoos in a different way, they may think its weird or pointless but yet are blind to the meaning behind it. The bottom line is that people are quick to judge. I know many people that get tattoos in order to remember someone or an event in their life. I think people need to know the meaning behind a tattoo before they judge it. Great article.


  4. This is a very good article and covers an interesting view on this topic. Many people do get a tattoo to represent something significant in their own life, and whether that is the case of not it is an art form that should not have a negative view surrounding it. A person should not be judged if they have a full sleeve or a small picture. If the only thing you regret when you are older is some ink on your skin thats a pretty successful life.


  5. I really enjoyed reading your article and I appreciated the strength of your opinion. One idea I would encourage you to think about is the permanence of tattoos and how permanent our feelings truly are. Not too long ago I wanted to get a tattoo on my hand of the date that my cousin passed away. I was so incredibly set on doing this and felt like it marked something really important in my life. Much like your situation, my parents didn’t approve, especially my Dad. He eventually talked me out of getting this tattoo. The reason I decided not to was because of the perspective that my Dad had given me. While I was very frustrated with my Dad and what he had to say, I still valued his opinion. He made me realize that a tattoo is so permanent that it can cause others to define you by one single mark you make on your body. I realized I didn’t want people to define me by the death of my cousin or by a flower, or star, or some other popular tattoo image. I felt as though it was too permanent and our personalities and choices are always changing because we change as we grow up. If that is something you are into and you feel like it is worth it and you won’t regret, then hey go for it! I just wanted to offer this one bit of my perspective that I think people may overlook sometimes.


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