How to Lose Weight 101

diet snapple

According to Google, the definition of diet refers to “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” So, technically we are all on diets because we all consume some form of food or another. But, then Google lists this other definition of diet that states, “a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.” Minus the medical reasons shenanigans, this is the definition that seems to be universally accepted for when someone refers to a diet.

Now, when you type in diet into Google’s search engine the first four suggestions that pop up are diet pills, diet plans, diet coke, and diet foods. It is pretty scary to think that the most popular Google search with the word diet in the beginning is diet pills. 4,460,000 results pop up with millions of brands. Which one should I pick? Personally, I am a little stingy with my money being a college student and all, and I’m a little skeptical about whether or not these pills are actually going to work. But, what’s perfect is that on it lists 2016’s top 10 diet pills, and if you do not lose weight you are guaranteed your money back! It definitely sounds like a win win. The thing about these diet pills is that they actually curb your appetite so you actually eat less or sometimes not at all! No wonder they guarantee weight loss.

Diet plans I’m all for. You are what you eat.

Diet Coke on the other hand, I’m not a fan. I’m not surprised it’s the third suggestion on the search engine, but yikes. The most common misconception about low-fat, nonfat, “diet” products is that yes they are healthier for you. Sometimes it can be, but a majority of the time that is not the case. Yes the product has less fat than the original, but food is a science and low-fat, nonfat products are a marketing scheme for big corporate companies to avoid dealing with creating actual healthy products and banning their own. Let’s say a product has 4 grams of fat in it normally, then it’s partner comes along with no fat in it! But, here’s the catch. Now let’s say the original 4 grams of fat probably had 8-10 grams of sugar with it, but the product with no fat in it needs to re-balance itself to make sure it still tastes half decent. So, along with no fat the product will contain 34 grams of sugar. In fact, sugar actually turns into saturated fat and is actually worse for you than consuming the normal fat that is supposed to be in the product. Moral of the story, if you are going to be drinking soda, which you shouldn’t be, you should be choosing Coke over Diet Coke.

And for diet foods, well, you get the jest (similar to the spiel above). I hate those weight watcher pre-made frozen food boxes…hint look at the sodium content.




3 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight 101”

  1. Have you ever seen the documentary Fed Up? It explains in great detail how sugar is not meant to be consumed by the human body, and that the government has produced this scheme you are talking about that portrays fat as the enemy, so that they can cheaply keep their products tasting good by shooting foods up with sugar without the general public being aware. My father has been researching this topic for a long while now, and we have seen first-hand how almost everything that isn’t a vegetable or a piece of meat straight from a local farm is processed and contains things that are not conductive to good health. Further, it’s hard to get the general public to become aware of what is truly healthy, since society has portrayed things like bacon, which is high in fat, as bad for you, when in fact the very things they sell as good for you, like diet coke or even granola bars, are much worse.


  2. I think present society is really keen on getting results with out having to do anything. The only person i know that enjoys working out is my mother, and usually the people who do tend to go crazy over it. As for the rest of us the idea of being able to encourage your body into a desired state with little to no effort is comforting. So we see like pills for your hair, skin, weight, overall health. Instead of taking care of our bodies we take a pill to do it. I think that through this mindset people ignore the side effects of these pills. I know of a few pills that rather than curb your appetite make you vomit etc when eating food that is not on your assigned list. Sounds more of a torture method, and can lead to serious dehydration. Also i’m pretty sure these types of supplements aren’t closely observed by the FDA making the companies have the ability to but sugar in a pill and call it immediate weight loss. We need to be careful about what we put into our bodies. And not let a quick fix be the only answer.


  3. You make an interesting discovery that not many people truly think through when they want to lose weight and that is the way society pushes you to buy certain things such as diet pills that can actually hurt and not help you. The main reason big companies deceive and manipulate people is how they market their items saying that they’re healthy when they’re not or making them look like the best option when in reality most of these products are going to hurt you in the end. I think you show that we place positive connotations with the word diet because of the way society perceives the word. In turn many of times big companies use the word to their advantage and our disadvantage hurting us in the end.


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