Is fat the new normal?

America is fat. America is like really REALLY fat. When did this begin? Well, it’s been an issue for several years now. The main issue is it’s taken us this much time to realize it and try to find a way to resolve it. For many of us here in America, food is plentiful and we take that for granted by eating everything in sight and not thinking about the harmful effects certain food will have on our bodies.

An article from National Geographic written by Cathy Newman called “Why are we so fat?” helps explain the main issues about this topic. She states “today one out of three Americans is obese, twice as many as three decades ago, and enough for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to declare obesity an epidemic.”

Many people don’t think it’s an issue because it’s their body and they can do whatever they want to it. However, children are growing up unhealthy due to that mentality. Yes. Those children that will be the next great leaders of this country are growing up obese. About 17% of children are considered obese in America alone. When will a change be made?


4 thoughts on “Is fat the new normal?”

  1. It is astonishing to see the rates at which obesity in America is increasing, and I agree that it is a serious issue that needs to be resolved. The idea that people have the right to do what they want to their body is acceptable. However, because obesity is a threatening health condition and the majority of people would rather not be overweight, suggests that there may be another issue causing this increasing obesity in America aside from personal choice. In class we discussed the principle of Food Deserts, which are areas where there is no access to affordable, fresh and healthy food. In a Food Desert people are more likely to eat the cheaper, fast foods that are typically much less healthy. I believe that this phenomenon could have a very strong impact on obesity, and implies that it is not peoples choice as to why they are obese, but rather because there is no way to get healthy food in certain areas in America. In order to dilute the obesity epidemic, I think eliminating Food Deserts throughout America could be a start.


  2. As a country, this is an extremely difficult problem to tackle. We want to give people the freedom to choose for themselves, but we cannot allow such a destructive, life-threatening trend to continue. If we allow obesity rates to climb, or even stay the same, we’ll see more and more generations cursed with the same rates, and the new normal may eventually become what is currently seen as fat and unhealthy. We’d probably see life expectancy rates drop with these numbers as well. I agree that eliminating food deserts will help with the issue overall, there is still the problem of large food corporations serving up crap. There is no simple solution to any problem involving the country’s health, but we’ve already seen a huge improvement in obesity rates over the last few years. This gives me hope that one day we will see a happy, healthy nation, if we continue to head in the right direction.


  3. I think it is crazy how much American obesity has increased over the past decades. It makes me wonder what caused the increase in American obesity and what actions can be taken to change that. I think American obesity stems off the idea that some communities are malnourished and overfed. I think fast food restaurants play a large role in obesity because fast food is cheap and is basically stuffed with fats and chemicals that are not vital to the health of individuals. Since fast food is cheap, many go to fast food restaurants to get food for their families instead of looking for healthy expensive food that a family may not be able to afford or is not available to them. The cause of American obesity is availability and economy so in order to fix it we need to introduce malnourished communities to fresh produce and create more opportunities for those communities to educate themselves and increase their economic standing.


  4. It astonishes me how parents allow their children to be malnourished on both the obese side of the spectrum or the lack of nutrition side. I understand that some parents cannot afford to buy super healthy food all of the time, but careful planning should go into having children. If I do have kids some day I want to make sure I can fully provide for them and make sure they get the proper nutrients and eating habits that go into a healthy life style. This is a critical issue in today’s culture that needs to be addressed by each individual family. Parents lay the foundation down for their children because they make all the decisions for them and habits start to form young, which is why establishing the right habits is so important.


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