I’ll Sleep When It’s Done.

The average schedule of a student is filled with many activities both school related and not, one after another. In todays society students are often trading in sleep for homework, extracurriculars, and jobs. With high schools starting as early as 7:15, and going for a full day  of school then followed by after by activities such as band, sports, community service or jobs, then having to return home and do serval homework for multiple classes there are many late nights. Students today should not have to sacrifice their own health to be seen as a successful student. Society has certain view of what a successful or hardworking student is, but the perfect image is only achievable with sacrificing friends, mental health and sleep.  It is apparent that the importance of school is more so placed on grades, and less on the well being of the students and education its self. A “good” student will stay up through the night for a hard test memorizing everything they can and continue the rest of their day on few hours of sleep for a grade. A student who wants to care but feels to overwhelmed might fail a test and will be treated like this test grade number defines them. A desperate student will cheat on a test,proving that they had been taught to value the grade number more than learning. Students are overworked and the importance of certain aspects of school and student life in general are not evenly weighed.


What Happened to Chipotle?

We have all heard of the recent epidemics of people getting sick across he US after eating at various Chipotle Restaurants. Chipotle is known for being apart of and promoting buying local fresh ingredients, and make their food 100% GMO free. Todays culture has a very unique view on GMO’s. The general public’s opinion is very split between them being something to not think about, or a big concern. Many people have chosen to eat at Chipotle over other places since they hold their foods to such standards. But, since the recent outbreaks Chipotle sales have reduced and some locations have been shut down. Working at Chipotle myself the location has lost half its sales and has had half as many customers since the reports of their food causing sickness began. Customers have asked me “is the food safe here? has there been any scares here?”. To which the response being no. It is interesting to see how the public reacted to the situation, and if that change some of the publics view to think of non GMO food negatively as whole. Chipotle’s goal is to provide fast food that is both healthy and fresh, being better quality than other fast food places such as McDonalds or Wendys. As we discussed in class, many fast food places buy from larger commercial farms. So it is just one place trying to make a change and offer the public a different option of what our culture would view as “healthier, fresh and humane”.

Valentines day

Valentines Day is a holiday either loved or hated by everyone. It has its place in society as either a romantic day for couples, or, as stated very often on tv shows, “a made up holiday created by the greeting card company”. As soon as Christmas over stores pull out the trees and put in red hearts and advertise everything that you might need for your special someone. Shelves are lined with heart shaped gifts, flowers and candy. It is clear that many stores will advertise very heavily for the holiday. Many people also do not know any origins of how the holiday came to be. People hear what is normal to do to celebrate the holiday and go along with that. So though it seems to be more of what many call a “made up holiday”, people do not view it negatively as it gives many the excuse to do something extra special to show appreciation to a significant other, or loved ones in their life. This is what most closely resembles the accepted positive ideology of the holiday. I find it to be one of the most unique holidays in society just because of the fairly even divide of people who accept and think positively of it and those who dislike.  But every year it still comes and is still celebrated or rejected by everyone.

Equality for Music

People view athletes as hardworking and respectable. Schools put in money to have the best fields, tracks and sports equipment. But, often art departments such as music are underfunded.  It is interesting in todays culture students are often more pushed into sports than music. Having had personal experience with this, and knowing very many other who have, it is a difficult situation. Many people tend to view practicing for hours on sport as more demanding than those practicing for hours playing an instrument. But both require constant work and training.  If someone is athletic, you can see it just by looking at them. You see their muscles, they look energetic and no effort needs to be put into actually watching them play to understand their skill level. But a musician does not often bear a distinct physical appearance. To get recognized for their talent you have to hear them, not just look. Music is also just as much about being a team player. Everyone has to take their time to learn their parts, listen to the people around to find the right balance for volume, bettering themselves personally to improve the band as a whole. Both sports and music have their own benefit to students. One should not be pressured into choosing one or another, society should have an equal acceptance and respect of both.




New Technology from Google Aimed to Help Mental Health

When you have the flu, or brake an arm, its obvious something is wrong. People will tell you to go the doctor or get help. Your state of physical health is easily picked up and taken seriously by others, but that is not always the case for your mental health. Everyone has bad days, feels anxious sometimes, or acts a little crazy. But for others these these feelings never fade. In our culture today mental illness are not always viewed in a serious manner. People and especially students are expected to work as hard as possible and neglect their mental health and from that serious mental illness such as depression or anxiety can develop. Recently the director of the National Institute of Mental Health Dr. Thomas Insel left the agency to work for Google/Alphabet on a project to create a method of detecting mental/ psychiatric illness early on by using computer algorithms. This would be done through screenings to determine a diagnosis. But, some social scientists believe that diagnosing a patient too early sometimes offers negative results and labeling people with a mental illness too early will decrease the opportunity for recovery. But, many anthropologists believed early detection coupled with peer-run social groups will be beneficial. This would be a more social than medial approach that has been observed by anthropologists and has been put into use in New York City and also Finland. The screenings would use the algorithms developed by google which are meant to detect early signs of mental illness through interpreting language that appears disorganized. Then group and social based recovery options would be offered. A method like this would benefit many people and the overall imagine of mental health in society.


Does Early Intervention Promote Recovery?